Go DiscoverWe begin by utilizing DiSC, a personality profiling tool that allows us to peek into your team’s personality, to see how your team leadership either alienates or supports your team members. Then, we assess your organization’s perceptions, both leaders and employees, with our trademarked 4P Assessment Tool (people, process, partners, and performance). This process provides clarity on the work necessary to tune your organization for maximum performance. In addition, we interview the leadership to determine critical issues that need to be addressed. This information provides focus for the planning phase.

Go BrandThrough a proven methodology involving creativity and teamwork, GoThink! unearths the very essence of your brand, that which makes it irresistible, then hands you the keys to powerfully and persuasively demonstrate its uniqueness in the marketplace. Known as a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), this innovative discovery process begins with a robust analysis of your brand. It ends with a measurable strategic tool known as a creative brief. The brief gives creativity a context and a starting point, and whether you act upon its conclusions or not, you will understand, in a single, simple notion, the functional and psychological territory between you and your customer.

Go PlanWith direct input and oversight from our experienced team, including company founder and leadership author Galen Walters, the planning process begins with identification of the organization’s purpose. As the purpose drives the vision and goals, the GoThink! team distills and clarifies issues, identifies problems, and scores everything through a prioritization process that clearly points to what is vital and what is not. 4P goals that support these vital issues are set for the organization and for each person on the team. The goals are tested to make certain that they serve the purpose and lead to a cohesive, compelling action plan.

Go ExecuteAt GoThink! we understand the importance of ‘inspecting what you expect.’ In the execution phase we provide hands-on assistance in the implementation of your action plan. We follow up, monitor, and visit periodically to see just how closely the company and team are following the goals developed in the plan. If necessary, we provide input on how to bring focus to items that are off track. This follow-through consulting provides a systematic and sustainable process for you to accomplish the results you want. Our goal is that at the end of the first full year of working with GoThink!, you will be ready to execute without us. Of course, we are also delighted to continue working with your team if you choose.