Our Team

People are the bedrock of all companies. The passion, priorities, and agility they possess as a team stems from the leadership of the organization. Without talented team members who believe in the mission we’re on, we’d just be another agency looking for the next project. If you ever work with this team, you’ll quickly understand that excellence is priority and the desire to help businesses reach their greatest potential inspires us. We are wonderfully blessed with a magnificent team of talented individuals making up over 700 years of experience in the field of marketing and retail.

Galen Walters



Katie Sorrentino

Senior Founding Partner


Randy Crimmins

Senior Partner

Shopper Engagement & Insights

Frank Flannery

Senior Partner

Chief Technology Officer

Charles Ingram

Senior Partner

Director of Applications

Trudy Campagna

Senior Partner

Ad Production

Jared Van Bruaene

Senior Partner

Creative Director

Russell Anderson

Senior Partner

Chief Financial Officer

Ken Parks

Senior Partner

Business Development

Laura Martinez

Account Director

Michael Wenger

Senior Art Director

Kelly Hamburg

Senior Art Director / Digital Media

Jonathan  Abdalla

Director, Data Integration & Management

Susheel Philip

Director Insights & Analytics

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To analyze, brainstorm, build
relationships, discover new things,
and turn dreams into realities. GoThink!
is purely that. We aim to facilitate effective thinking followed by effective actions. We value intellect, curiosity, experience, enthusiasm, and instincts. We thrive on working with brands that evoke passion. And we are only interested in the long haul. Taking brands from one place to the next ... and the next. GoThink! is a continuous cycle of imagination, sound thinking, research, big ideas, and loud conversations that drive results.


Working At The Speed of Retail

We think about your business every day — what’s working, what’s not, what we could do better or differently to help your company reach its goals.  We focus on things like sales, transaction counts, and sales per customer because we know you do.  Your metrics for success are our metrics, and we live by those every day.   But we not only think, we do.  We understand that in retail, great inspiration better be closely followed by great execution.  We help our clients turn winning ideas into actionable strategies and tactical plans — all at the speed of retail.

We create customized solutions that help you work smarter, faster and drive the bottom line.

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More About Us

Our thinking is founded in years of experience in most sectors of retail and business advertising and marketing. We understand that advertising alone cannot grow a brand; one must always define and deliver against distinct marketing objectives as well – particularly those that quantify the success of a brand through measurable results.

Our thinking

Retail Marketing

The success of our clients hinges on our ability to clearly communicate what they want the key targets to think and then do. We approach a brand from the outside in and then the inside out. We work on discovering challenges and defining objectives. Only then can we effectively focus on the key target, generate ideas, and market your brand.

Marketing Strategy

Creative, Photography & Production

Website and APP Creation


Shopper Engagement

Our loyalty products and services encompass three key areas: Loyalty Program Design and Management, Data Management and Analytics and Targeted Communications. We specialize in the design, development and management of loyalty and shopper marketing programs for retailers. Furthermore, we provide counsel, strategy, planning, management and tactical support throughout the development process.

Loyalty & Affinity Programs

Promotion Integration

E-Marketing: Email, SMS & Push

Data & Insights

Shopping has changed. Customers enjoy ever- expanding choices through social networking and online outlets. Targeted, personalized marketing delivers what mass communication cannot. And your customer data is the key to unlocking these valuable one-to-one opportunities.

Customer Segmentation

Market Area Analysis

Predictive Modeling

Customer Research